From the Ministry of Community and Social Services: Accessibility Reporting Deadline Nears

Ontario is a world leader in ensuring we are a more accessible place for all and where every resident or visitor can participate more fully in their community. Organizations like yours are a growing part of this success.

We can be proud Ontario was one of the first jurisdictions to create broad-based accessibility legislation (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005) and take active steps to make our province more accessible for people with disabilities.

Ontario’s Accessibility Standard for Customer Service came into effect on January 1, 2012 for all businesses and not-for-profits in the province. This is a major step towards achieving the vision of an accessible province by 2025.

The law applies to all organizations in Ontario that:

  • provide goods or services, and
  • have at least one employee

Accessible customer service is about understanding that people with disabilities may have different needs. It takes a few simple steps – like modifying your customer service policy and training your staff – to meet the standard and make your organization more welcoming to people with disabilities.

If your organization has 20 or more employees, you will also need to file an online compliance report with the Ontario government. The report is due December 31, 2012.  File your report today and show your commitment to providing accessible service to all your customers

Visit to learn how the standard affects you, download free tools and file your online report.  

You can also follow Ontario’s accessibility journey by email, on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.