Roots of Equality

This project is a partnership between Springtide Resources and The Elementary Teacher's Federation of Ontario (EFTO) to prevent violence against women and girls.  This initiative would ultimately reach all 65,000 elementary teachers in Ontario and thousands of parents and children with a consistent message supported by the Ontario Government and Springtide Resources.

Specifically, this project is designed to:

  • develop and disseminate youth-friendly resources in order to empower young people to promote healthy and equal relationships among their peers
  • promote support networks in schools and training for teachers so that teachers have the resources and strategies required to identify and prevent violence
  • educate and involve parents in promoting attitudes and understanding among young people that foster healthy responses and new ways of relating in order to break the cycle of inequity and disempowerment that can lead to violence and abuse
  • provide all participants with resources and contacts that will increase their awareness of the warning signs of violence and where to go for help

The project's target audience is boys and girls aged 8-14, their teachers, parents and other caregivers. 

Ontario Women's Directorate and The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario

Associated Staff: 
Marsha Sfeir